password per domain

This is a bookmarklet to allow you to have a unique password for every domain you frequent, while only remembering one. So, if someone steals (borrows) your password, you will only have lost it for that domain. First, this wasn't my idea, it was Felix's. Using this you can visit a site, enter the same password you normally use and then click this link creating a unique hash based on the domain.


To install drag this link to your toolbar...


Once you've entered a password into a password <input> field, click the link and those inputs with text in them will turn red indicating the password you entered was converted to a unique one for that domain; those without text, but password fields, will turn red.




You can try it here... note this isn't a password field, so make sure no one is looking over your shoulder!

Some more from (test.js)...


The hash created is SHA1-based seeded with the domain host, and ensures the following, since the output has to be a valid password for a particular site:

  1. The output will have the same length as the input
  2. The output will have the exact same number of non-alphanumeric values as the input, not necssarily in the same position

So, if you put the password as abc-123 you are saying that you want "a password of length 7 and 1 symbol". This seems to work alright.

Here is the source.

Since this is dealing with passwords, I'll say this: The author nor anyone else that wouldn't otherwise see your password will see it resulting from using this, and the author is not responsible for any bad things that you do with this or for bad things that happen to you as a result of using it. No bad things are anticipated, but if a bike-helmet maker can waive any responsibility for head injuries I can do likewise.